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Gender bender - Contest - Winners

Gender bender - Contest - Winners
held by



T R O Y A by katherine-lemus
Mad House of a Mad Hatter by LaLaMora
Jane and the Beanstalk by Branka-Johnlockian


Thor and Loki: Nine Realms by FrostAlexis
Peter Pan Gender Bender by LeenaHill
Midgard by itznikki530


Saint Georgine by Rowye
Ruler of the sea by Twinkle-space
The Poisoned Apple by kimsol

Honourable Mentions

Pinocchia by Mvicen
Neptunia - Queen of the seas by RavienneArt
Spindle,Shuttle and Needle (Gender Bender Version) by petrasrenata
Gender Bender Contest - Jasmine by niyya00
Love At First Strike by brillgk
The Beautiful Dreamer by Energiaelca1
Weles and Perun - Gender bender contest by msriotte
Pussycat In Boots by Lora-Vysotskaya
Leda by Aramisdream


Goood Job!! by LOVEMAYU
(The results will be featured here for 1 month until 27/7/2016)

The result of Draw Tom Ripley contest I held in 2012

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just let me know. I will help you spread the words here.

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King Kong and I contest (closed)
With  12,900 :points:
Welcome to my second contest
3 years ago, I held my first contest Draw Tom Ripley Contest in 2012 with total 39,600 :points:  That event still makes me poor but very pleased until now. =P 
In 2015, I am quite lucky in art. I won lots of points from many contests throughout the year.
Now I'm ready to hold a contest again and share 12,900 :points: to other artists.
This event is called...
Yes, the theme of this contest is about King Kong and a woman.
I believe that almost all of you have seen King Kong movies at least once from 1933, 1976 or 2005 version.
 So, this event is like 10 year anniversary for the last time we saw King Kong.

The Naughty Pirate's Master Contest ListFrequently Updated
Deadline May 14th:

Deadline May 15th:

Deadline May 16th:

Deadline May 17th:

Deadline May 22nd:

Deadline June 10th:

Deadline June 31st:

Deadline August 4th:

Jolly Roger 
Yule Time Contests [2015]Hey, hey, all~ It's that time again! You know how this works~ Contests, one month in advance!
Not a Contest, but still well worth looking at:
          Advent Calendar-Commissions / INFORMATION / by Forumsdackel Anthro Challenge #126 - New Year Customs by KovoWolf
Followed by causes, groups and/or movements I'm pimping:
:iconAllColorsUnited: :iconUnknown-Art-Alliance: :iconHands4Hospitals: :iconHone-Your-Skills: :iconTandemFeatures: :icon30-project-30: :iconWeeklyChallenge:
And now, on to the main course~ ^^
Ends December:
CLOSED! - $200+ and Art in Prizes! by rimuu 
Santa's home - contest (CLOSED)

Reindeer Divider
It's time for a new contest!
The days are getting colder and slowly we are all getting into the christmas spirit - so I thought it's time to announce a new contest!
This time the theme is:
"Santa's home":
Where does Santa live?
Does he live alone, or is he married and lives with his wife?
Maybe with his reindeers or christmas elves?
Does he live in a cozy cottage or in a modern villa?
How does he prepare for christmas eve?
How does he like to spend his free time?
Maybe he isn't the friendly old man we think he is?
Show me how YOU imagine the place where Santa lives!
christmas wave
The simple rules
Holidays your entry must be a photomanipulation Holidays
Holidays your entry must be a new work created for the contest  Holidays
Vote and post in a comment ''VOTED'' !

This Raffle will END when i'll have 1600 votes ! (current votes 1453).



*Minimum 25 deviants .
DEADLINE 21.11.2015
More votes , more chances to WIN!

Is very simple and it takes only 3 seconds !!!

To vote you have to go to this link :

Contests of the New Year 2016Happy New Year all! It's that time again~ You know how this works~ Contests, one month in advance!
Not a Contest, but still well worth looking at:
          Make-Your-Own Event #2 - Dead Languages by SpeedyDVV  [Eclaireurs] MYO Event LAST DAY by Eclaireur-specie EVENT: [Princeling MYO Kickstarter OPEN!] by Princeling-Kingdom free myo ladon slots by brokendoqs  Enter to win FREE Custom painted Dragon by The-SixthLeafClover
  FableFox MYO Event!! (More info in the description by MidnightSketches  
Followed by causes, groups and/or movements I'm pimping:
:iconAllColorsUnited: :iconUnknown-Art-Alliance: :iconHands4Hospitals: :iconHone-Your-Skills: :iconTandemFeat

Maybe you know the historical drama tv series "Vikings"
inspired by the Sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok
or saw the comedy film "Erik the Viking" written and directed by Terry Jones,
or you have read already the "Edda" and you are fascinated by norse mythology.

The legends and tales are a common heritage of German,
Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon peoples.
The Norse creation myth tells how everything came into existence

in the gap between fire and ice, and
Gender bender - Contest - CLOSED
    Traducción al español del desafío de: / Spanish translation of the challenge of: Gender Bender (link)

♦ Mythology / Fairy Tale / Folklore.

what do you have to do:
♦ One Gender Bender character.
♦ This includes Human characters and Animals.

what you have to show in your entry:
♦ You will choose a character from any Mythology / Fairy Tale / Folklore. (worldwide)
♦ You can choose some of the region/country that you live in this way you will represent something more creative, with a not well-known story. (famous stories are also welcome.)
♦ Simply reverse the genres, this includes all the characters in the story (partners, secondary characters, etc).

Biggest talents

:iconshue13: :iconlora-zombie: :icondenismayerjr: :iconbenbe: :iconkerembeyit: :iconmichaelkutsche: :iconryohei-hase: :iconrandis: :iconalltelleringet: :iconkooookooookooookoooo: :iconflowerzzxu: :iconrodneypike: :iconmartanael: :iconchasestone: :icontrejoeeee: :iconnoah-kh: :iconpaooo: :icondanielgrzeszkiewicz: :iconomen2501: :iconjonasdero: :iconeuclase: :icongottfriedhelnwein: :icontahra: :iconsimonweaner: :iconsauco-m: :iconskottieyoung: :iconmarkraats: :iconwanbao: :iconblakravell: :iconandreewallin: :iconeranfolio: :iconalicexz: :iconanthonygeoffroy: :iconradojavor: :iconfear-sas: :icondavidgaillet: :icongloom82: :icon88grzes: :icondalisacg: :iconeduardo-pena: :iconcharlie-bowater: :iconvityar83: :icondaroz: :iconpascalcampion: :icon25kartinok: :iconlihaooooooo: :iconrhads: :iconkittrose: :iconnesskain: :iconescume: :iconwaldemar-kazak: :iconyakonusuke: :iconzalas: :icongrafit-art: :iconkimberly80: :iconvitaly-sokol: :iconpetite-madame: :iconthurz: :iconmarcobucci: :icondusanmarkovic: :icongedomenas: :icongrosnez: :iconn-ossandon-nezt: :iconbnochadams: :iconoxanstudio: :iconluissanchez:




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Mr-Ripley has started a donation pool!
11,403 / 20,000

I am saving for my next contest.
Thank you so much for every single point.

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My favorite songs

You Give Good Love
This song always makes my day.

I'm addicted to Beyoncé's touching voice in this performance.

I can relate to every line of the lyric in this song.

Time (Clock of the Heart)
I fell in love with this song since the first time I listened.

When I Fall in Love
So smooth.

Moon River

I Like Chopin
This song makes me feel nostalgic.

Alone Again

Same Ole Love
Just like.

All At Once
Such a sad song.

The Girl Is Mine
Just love the music.

Only You

One Day In Your Life
Sad and nostalgic.

Your Love Is King

My Funny Valentine

King of Bloke & Bird

Better Man

One for My Baby

Wedding Bells

Hi dear friends
It's my honor to have a chance to share my tip at Manip Academy here.
First of all, I have to tell you that I'm a lazy self-taught digital artist.
I know how to use only some simple tools in Photoshop old version (CS3).
Besides, English is not my first language.
However, I hope this article will be useful somehow at least for beginners and intermediate artists.

Last year I held KING KONG AND I contest. And I found that some contestants had trouble to put the woman stocks in their works properly, while they seemed have no any problem with gorillas and backgrounds. Why is that?

I noticed that most woman stocks they used were taken picture with brightness in daylight. And they didn't turn down the brightness of the women stock enough when they put them into darker environment like a sunset scene or a jungle. And the black hair of the giant gorillas also emphasize the error. The women ended up being too bright and jumped out of the environment. So, I chose to write about Realistic blending of human models with environments in this article to solve this problem.

Normally, to put a human (or any object) and make them look real and harmonious with a new environment (background),

I have to care about these important facts.

- direction of light

The light on the human body (or any object) and the background should have the same direction. If not, you have to flip either of them.
In case the light on the object doesn't have an obvious direction, add some light and shadow to the object.

- color tone 

You have to adjust color of the object, and make them look similar to the tone of environment. But don't make them look too close because the object will be drowned into the background.

-brightness and contrast

As I said in the beginning that different stocks were taken with different level of brightness. You need to adjust the brightness of them into same level. If there's a special source of light shining on the object, such as a human holding a lamp. That's an exception.  

There are also some other facts to think about as well. Such as... 

-sharpness and blur

-depth and distance

-size of the object and background 

-angle or perspective of the object and background


The object and the background should be related to each other in every aspect.

Besides imagination and creativity, a great photomanipulater should also be able to make a picture that looks like real until people can't tell if it photography or photomanipulation. 

My advice is you can find the best tips or secrets from any photography, and learn these facts of nature from them.



I have made 2 example works using same model in 2 different backgrounds to show you the process. Let's see. :)

The model stock is
Seraphim - Stock Reference 23 by faestock

The backgrounds are
Lady on Rock Example 1bg by Mr-RipleyLady in water bg by Mr-Ripley
The first one is a sunset or sunrise scene where the sun is down and far away in the background.
Any object placed on the foreground is supposed to look almost as dark as a silhouette. 
The second one is underwater scene. I have never tried it before.
But I guess everything under the water is supposed to be in dim cyan tone. 

I put her in these backgrounds
Lady on Rock Example 1 by Mr-RipleyLady in water example1 by Mr-Ripley
Both backgrounds have different direction of light, while there is no obvious direction of light on the model body.
She looks too bright in both backgrounds.

Don't forget the fact that she has to look much more darker than the sky in the sunset scene.
Her color tone need to be adjusted a lot in the water scene as well.

I began to decrease the brightness of the model.
In the sunset scene, I duplicated the model layer. Changed the new layer in multiply mode.
The model will look much darker and intensive automatically.
I also clicked button IMAGE / ADJUSTMENT / BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST to make her even darker.

Lady on Rock Example 2b by Mr-Ripley

I adjusted the color of this layer by clicking button IMAGE / ADJUSTMENT and chose COLOR BALANCE

Lady on Rock Example 2a by Mr-Ripley

Now the model looks much darker than the sky.
Lady on Rock Example 2c by Mr-Ripley

 Then I added some light on the body of the model in the same direction of light in the background. I did it by using soft-rounded DODGE tool. I set the exposure level about 50% or less dragging it around her body, and change into 100% for the front part of her body which is supposed to be touched by the sunlight.

But the body parts that touch the ground like her feet and bum should look darker because they are not touched by the sunlight. So, I used big soft-rounded BURN tool instead. 
 Lady on Rock Example 2 by Mr-Ripley

I made a new layer in multiply mode under all the model layers to make her shadow lying on the rock.
With the shadow, I realized that the model still doesn't look dark enough in this environment.
So I duplicated the 2nd layer of the model (which I set in multiply mode). This time I set the opacity at 30% only.
(you may put the new duplicated layer in other mode as well, it's up to propriety of each situation.)
If the model's color looks too less or much more saturated than the environment, then adjust it with HUE/SATURATION tool. 
Lady on Rock Example 3a by Mr-RipleyLady on Rock Example 3 by Mr-Ripley

To add some highlight on her front part and to put outer glow effect, I duplicated the original layer of the model. Placed this layer under the rock layer. Added COLOR OVERLAY effect to this layer. ( chose white color ). Then I moved the image in this layer to the left a little bit, and made it blur. Now the model has some highlight on her front part. I added some soft OUTER GLOW effect to this layer too. (The color which is used in this effect should be the main color you see in the background. ) 
Lady on Rock Example 4 by Mr-Ripley

Finally, I added some light/flare texture on the work. 
Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection by daWIIZ
I placed it above all other layers in this work, changed into SOFT LIGHT mode with opacity 75%.
This light texture really made the atmosphere looks much more charming.
I confess this light texture tends to be necessary in my works nowadays. :love:
Lady on Rock Example 5 by Mr-Ripley

I also put some bokeh texture under the model layers in SCREEN mode. It helps this scene looks more interesting. :) 
Bokeh Texture by photoshop-stock

This is the comparison between BEFORE and AFTER adjustment of the model.
Lady on Rock Example 6 by Mr-RipleyLady on the Rock by Mr-Ripley

Now you can see how much BRIGHTNESS adjustment means to your work.

Don't be afraid that the model's face will look too dark. Better be afraid that your whole work will not look real enough.
If she's in a dark place and she's not a firefly, she will have to look dark.

Lady on the Rock by Mr-Ripley

I have a tip about how to find a proper level of BRIGHTNESS of model/object in each background. Just quickly move the adjustment button of BRIGHTNESS adjustment from the minimum level to maximum level and from maximum level to minimum level many times until your eyes can find the right state where the model/object doesn't look too bright or too dark in that environment. :nod:  


As for the underwater scene. I still used the same process.
Besides decreasing brightness of the model, I adjusted her color a lot into cyan and blue tone to make her look related to the sea.
But I used water texture instead of light texture in this case.  

When I finished the whole work. I saved it in JPG file. 
Then I opened it again, and clicked IMAGE/ADJUSTMENT and chose 

This is the comparison between BEFORE and AFTER adjustment of the model in underwater scene.
Lady in water example2 by Mr-RipleyLady in water example3 by Mr-Ripley

AUTO COLOR tool is amazing. It usually brings me the best color tone to the final result. But sometimes it's not good enough.  

So, I adjusted the color of the whole work again.
If it looks too much in some color tone, you have to add the opposite color tone to the work.
In this case, it looks too much in cyan tone , so I added a lot of red tone to the final work. 
Lady in water example3a by Mr-Ripley
Lady in water example3 by Mr-RipleyLady in the Water by Mr-Ripley

The concept of this work is quite a fantasy. But I still created it with realistic technique.
Lady in the Water by Mr-Ripley


I have another work of mine that I think it fits this topic.
Soldier by Mr-Ripley
This original image belongs to Alan Welch.
I was allowed to use for a Photoshop contest in the work below. 
You can see how I changed the soldiers into a musicians.
Peace By Music by Mr-Ripley

Thank you so much all the owners of the stock I used in this article.
The credits have already been given to you on these deviation's pages. 
Lady in the Water , Lady on the Rock , Peace By Music

I guess I have already revealed you guys all my secrets.
Please let me know if you find this article useful. :heart:
If you have any question, Don't hesitate to ask. :)




Mr-Ripley's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Thailand flag by Ehsartem
Welcome everybody,
Reading a lot of Japanese comic books when I was young made me wanted to be a comic artist. I didn't graduate from any art institution and practiced my skill by drawing a lot of traditional portraits. Though my main intention here is to improve myself as a digital painter, but I enjoy making photomanipulation too. Above all, the deepest love I have in my life is a movie called The Talented Mr.Ripley , and my great expectation is to remake it as a graphic novel. I hope I can share it with you someday.

Fav fella (Badge) by Ehsartem Thank everyone for adding my work in favorite
I don't have time to thank you for the faves personally. But please know that I am very grateful for your support. You don't have to thank me for the faves either. Let's save time to make more art instead.

Blowkiss valentine fella (Love) by Ehsartem To all my dA friends
I have more than 3,192 people, 450 groups in my watch list, and counting. It's hard to catch up with everyone's new work. Normally, I will check out your gallery whenever I see your comment in mine.

Noisy fella (Works) by Ehsartem To anyone who want to use my art anywhere
-If you want to use my drawing, I'm the only one who decide to give permission.
-If you want to use my photo manipulation, please learn that it contains images from many stock providers. Please read their rules first to see who else you have to ask for permission besides me.

Da Vinci Fella (Artists) by Ehsartem I accept commissions
I do digital drawing/painting, photomanipulation, gif animation and genreral design. Feel free to contact me in the note for more information. In case you're not a deviantART member, you can contact me on Facebook

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Best regards,

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